A man who was determined to have diabetes and hypertension in 2011 rolled out a progressive improvement of his state and battled the illnesses!

His conclusion implied that he needed to take insulin and hypertension pills to treat his issues, however he rejected such a treatment and chosen to actually cure himself.

He began devouring crude vegetables and foods grown from the ground his wellbeing!

In particular, 4 and a half years prior, he felt steady thirst and chosen to check his condition at his specialist. The specialist educated him that the levels of sugar were expanded up to 29.0 mmol/L , and his pancreas quit working. Along these lines, he revealed to him that the utilization of insulin was unavoidable.

At first, the man began taking insulin once a day and turned out to be physically dynamic, however yet, his condition bothered with time. His triglyceride levels were 16 and his circulatory strain raised up to 150/100, so the various meds he utilized furthermore harmed his body.

In this manner, on New Year’s Eve in 2013, he chose to attempt another approach to treat his sickness.

He saw a scene of the show “The Edge of Science” and tuned in to the expressions of the visitor, Dr. John Zirdum, who expressed that devoured just crude nourishments for a long time. This was the defining moment, and he chose to purchase a blender and begin a totally new life.

He thought that it was hard amid the main week, as he couldn’t without much of a stretch oppose the allurement to attempt different sustenances, however he was resolved to proceed, and he figured out how to drop his glucose level to 5.0 mmol/L!

He no longer expected to utilize insulin! He kept on doing the general checkups and furthermore kept the treatment as a reinforcement arrange in the event that anything terrible happened. He began shedding pounds and his condition balanced out. In just 25 days, he lost 22 pounds.

In the following three months, he turned into a totally new individual. His circulatory strain was 120/60, he no longer utilized insulin, the triglycerides level as decreased to 1.4 and lost more than 40 pounds. What’s best about everything was that he utilized definitely no meds!

As this turned into his new way of life, he tried different things with different formulas of juices and smoothies. This was his most loved one:


2 bananas

5 kiwis

2 apples

A modest bunch of kale

½ l of water


You ought to include all fixings into your blender and mix them all well.


Drink a large portion of a liter of this juice on a vacant stomach each morning, and expend the rest amid the day.

At whatever point you feel hungry, have some organic product, natural product plates of mixed greens, or a fish serving of mixed greens, which is high in vitamin B12. This will keep you full as your mind will feel that your stomach is not unfilled. It will likewise get data that the blood has all the required supplements.

This sound administration will give noteworthy medical advantages!


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